Books That Inspire

Books That Inspire

Anyone who reads has probably found inspiration within the pages of a book.  Books are such an integral part of our lives, teaching us about almost anything we want to know and inspiring us to reach farther, work harder, love more and do great things. 

For me, although it didn’t inspire me to do great things, there is a book that has been in my thoughts regularly since I was a preteen.  It helped to shape the way I look at nature and the world around me, and has guided me to live a more natural life, leaving less of an impact on the world.

The Mists of Avalon, though centered around the reign of King Arthur and the women who put him on the throne, also tells a fantastical tale of druids living in harmony with their surroundings.  It was that harmony that has stayed with me, inspiring me to do my best to leave no mark on the earth.  How wonderful would it be to live within our means and eat by the sweat of our brow?  Some day, I hope to achieve that completely, but for now it is good enough to hold that dream near.

Books are so important, and the love of books should be passed down through the generations.  No matter what format they take – paper or electronic – they have the power to move us in a way that no other medium can.

What books have inspired you?  Is there a childhood book that has stayed with you through the years?