Down A Lost Road

Down A Lost Road

I was pleasantly surprised by Down A Lost Road.  It was reminiscent of Twilight (is every supernatural love story going to forever remind us of that saga?), in that the girl goes to a new place and falls in love with a mysterious supernatural superhero, but the comparison stops there. 

I hadn’t really expected to like this book, but it caught my attention from the beginning and kept me interested.  I liked it enough to go right back to Amazon to buy the sequel, The Subverter.

Though I am not big on romance stories, the love that sparks between the two main characters is very low key and only a side note in the greater storyline of an epic battle between good and evil in a world that is not our own.

I really enjoyed the insights into the main character, Merelin, and her quest to do the right thing while struggling with the insecurities and confusion of being thrown into another world without any warning and with no knowledge of how to survive the harsh differences of her new reality.

The author really caught my attention with her descriptive writing.  I felt like she did a great job of painting the scene without being too verbose.  Her writing style was really appealing and helped to solidify the characters and plot.

If you are into supernatural suspense novels, Down A Lost Road is a great read.  I greedily rushed through both this book and its sequel, and can’t wait for the release of the next in the series.