Holy Kindle, Batman!

Holy Kindle, Batman!

I will never have to leave the house again…

My best friend gave me her Kindle a year ago or so when she upgraded, and I read one book on the thing and denounced it as inferior to my hand-held, book-smell “real” books and shelved it for months. The only action it saw was from my husband, who used it to play poker.

She’s been telling me to try it out again, however, and since I just published my first eBook I decided that I owed it to the industry—and my readers—to try the experience again. Holy cow, is it cool!

Not only can I borrow books from the library’s digital collection, I can also get free books—I am talking hundreds of them—every. Single. Day. Don’t believe me? Click here and check it out every day to get brand new, full-length free books!

Now, I am sure many of the dozens I’ve downloaded will be crap—I read a crap one yesterday and didn’t even finish it—but I did find a couple of authors that I’ve read before and liked. What a bargain! And now that I get how to use the darn thing after reading part of the manual, well, it’s a much more enjoyable experience.

And if you don’t have a Kindle, you can always sign up for Amazon’s free computer version, Cloud Kindle, if you don’t mind reading on your PC.