The Outlander

The Outlander

I stumbled across The Outlander on the free Kindle book list a couple of years ago, and it quickly became one of my favorite book series of all time.  Starting out in 1945, the book is about a young heroine, Claire Randall, who inadvertently steps through a time portal in the Scottish highlands and is transported to 1743.

As she struggles to find a way back to her own time, she encounters a group of Scottish rebels, one of which is James Fraser, a feisty Scot who was injured in a fight.  She tends to his wounds, and eventually falls in love with him.  While their love story is the main focus of the book, and a fantastic one at that, The Outlander takes us through a historical account of a time few of us can imagine.

Claire and Jamie face hardships that only work to bring them closer together, leaving us readers biting our nails in suspense and laughing and crying along with the characters of the story.

After I read The Outlander, I sat right down and read through all six remaining books of the series.  I could hardly put them down, and as soon as I finished one, I immediately signed on to Amazon to get the next.  Never has a series captivated me so completely, and I anxiously await the next book.

I am not a big romance fan, and I probably wouldn’t have given this series a second glance if the first one hadn’t been free, but once I started reading, I really couldn’t stop.  This series is a must-have for almost any fiction reader’s library.